Enjoy A Casual Brunch or Romantic Dinner With The Assorted Menu At Beans and Vines in Inwood

  1. Beans and Vines is quaintly nestled in the heart of Harlem heights, providing a unique and sophisticated atmosphere for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch. Beans and Vines has quickly grown to become Inwood’s most enchanting and inviting restaurants, stemming from their diverse menu, quality of ingredients, and commitment to quality.

Beans and Vines is run by passionate individuals who aim to craft and create the most delicious breakfast and brunch menus by utilizing only local and fresh ingredients. Be you a food connoisseur or a casual restaurant-goers, you’ll be sure to face a delectable mix of savory breakfast and brunch items or sizzling lunch specials, alongside smooth and tasteful wine selection list.

Beans and Vines boasts a variety of flavorful sandwiches, such as the balsamic chicken and avocado topped with sun dried tomatoes, baby arugula, and basil pesto, as well as a grilled Portobello and goat cheese on whole wheat bread. In addition, an impressive selection of panini’s are available, including the tuna cranberry and fuji apple, adorned with roma tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, and onion in a French baguette.

Beans and Vines also carries a variety of pasta dishes, such as the pesto white bean and shrimp penne, served with a homemade peso sauce and succulent jumbo shrimp. The pasta primavera is cooked with chicken or shrimp and mixed with seasonal vegetables, white wine, and cream sauce.

Visit Beans and Vines for an unforgettable and romantic dining experience that will seamlessly blend casual dining with elegance.