Amazing American Food at Beans & Vines Restaurant, Wine Bar in Inwood

Sometimes the greatest discoveries come in small packages and one very special, very tiny American restaurant and wine bar in Inwood epitomizes that saying. The intimate eatery of Beans and Vinesis a treasure in hiding. Wearing the mask of a dainty coffee shop, Beans and Vines offers so much more than your average neighborhood cafe. This cozy restaurant serves up freshly prepared classic American and seafood dishes in a warm and charming atmosphere. Boasting fresh dishes daily, a hand selected wine list, and an ambiance of relaxation and comfort, this American and seafood restaurant-meets-wine-bar is ideal for an evening out.

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The exterior of this restaurant can be quite deceiving, as the only sign of a flourishing kitchen are the delectable aromas escaping through the door. The dainty black and white sign that dangles above the entryway catches the eye as though to say “you’re about to enter a secret world of incredible tastes”…and taste you will.

The impressive tapas list seduces your taste buds just from reading each description. The light and refreshing Crab Cakes piled high, surrounded by a smoked chipotle cream sauce, are a sight to behold. Each component of the dish is carefully placed in a delicate and unique plating style. While most crab cakes are stuffed with fillers, and are less than generous on the crab, Beans and Vines’ cakes are meaty, yet light, delicately peeling with the touch of the fork. Everything, down to a simple fresh garden salad, is presented in the most attractive way food can be, and the freshness of the ingredients is quite evident.

Every morning, Beans & Vines’ owner and chef handpicks that day’s ingredients, including meats, vegetables and spices from local shops and markets. The size of the kitchen betrays the need for an every morning shopping trip, but no selection can be held overnight. The freshness of the food is undeniable with every bite you take, and is always complemented by a chef recommended wine.

Choose from the specially designed entree menu options and enjoy a 16-ounce Sirloin Steak, served with a house salad and fresh asparagus, or the Gourmet Chimi panini (your choice of ground sirloin or chicken breast, topped with sliced tomato, shredded cabbage, onions, chipotle, French mustard and ketchup; served with seasoned fried potatoes or yuca fries), which the chef recommends.

Come into Beans and Vines to taste carefully crafted meals, and savor some exquisite wines and comforting beverages. Beans and Vines is a little piece of home in Inwood.

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